Printable Ornaments!

Printable Ornaments for Truth in the Tinsel

After Christmas last year, I started brainstorming about Truth in the Tinsel 2012. Should we add more to it? Do something different?

I was talking to my friend Vanessa, from Silly Eagle Books about some ideas I had. She said, “You know what would be really good? Some printable ornaments. Then on the days we don’t want to do a craft, we could just color it and hang it up.”


What a fabulous idea! It would work for so many ideas–if you were doing Truth in the Tinsel on vacation (like we did last year at Disney World!), at Grandma’s when all your relatives are there, for toddlers who don’t have the attention span for a long craft, when you don’t have the supplies or just don’t want to pull all the mess out!

I buzzed Jason at who designed the original Truth in the Tinsel to see if he could make some printable ornaments for us. And he did! He designed them to look like a traditional ball ornament and used our clues from the original book as a guide for the pictures.

Printable Ornaments for Truth in the Tinsel Printable Ornaments for Truth in the Tinsel

My husband and kids colored some tonight and had a great time. When my 4 year old son was finished coloring he said, “Mommy, look at my sheep. I gave him a space helmet.”

Hey, whatever works, right?

Truth in the Tinsel Printable Ornaments

These printable ornaments are not mandatory for using Truth in the Tinsel. They are an additional supplement for when you need a quick craft or a break from your normal activity.

Truth in the Tinsel Printable Ornaments

Download all 24 printable ornaments for $3.99 now!

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  1. Great idea! I was just looking at the page with my 2 year old and she says, “Oh look at that sheep! Can we color that?” I guess we’ll be getting a set!

    Lindsey @

  2. Great! This would also be good to use while reading the scriptures before the craft. I find my boys listen better if they have something to do with their hands!

  3. I love this!

  4. Jennifer Ott says:

    I was just looking at my book, trying to think of how I could manage to continue doing this with my kids while away from home (without hubby, flying across the country with 4 kids under 8 on my own…) over the holidays. NO WAY this type-A mom could do all the crafts with her very so-type-B-almost-a-C family around. Perfect solution! Thank you!

  5. I really have a tendency to go along with almost everything that is composed in “Printable Ornaments!
    |”. Thanks for all the actual info.Regards-Carin

  6. I would really like to get your ornaments this years. We started Truth in the Tinsel last year and didn’t finish because I didn’t have the time or funds to get all the craft supplies (my kids were 4 1/2 yrs, 3 yrs, 18 months). However, every time I put in a coupon code it won’t work. Could you please let me know why? Thank you! And thank you for this wonderful resource.

  7. Melinda Davis says:

    I just purchased the printable ornaments and got the download but my screen went blank before I could print it out . Could you please send them to my email address you can verify that I paid for them but looking through your Paypal records just purchased them 5 minutes ago thanks!

  8. rachel yates says:

    hi I purchased truth in the tinsel last year, and LOVED it, We were going to start it tonight when I realized I couldnt find my ebook I printed last year, My computer crashed since last year so I cant even check or remember if I had a document of some sort saved. Will I need to buy an all new ebook or is there a way I can get a replacement since I already purchased one? Thanks!
    Rachel Yates

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  11. Christina Knighton says:

    Hi! Does the ornaments printable come with the accompanying verses for that day or is it just the ornaments? We have a 3 year old and I’m due with our 2nd in December, so I like the idea of the ornaments for this year since our schedules will be a little off :)

  12. Hi I was wondering if there was a shorter version! I would like to teach this yo my moms day out kids. But majority are only there two days a week and then getting out for Christmas holidays. Would it be easy to combine them or skip and jump some? Thank you :)

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