Truth in the Tinsel Swap Party Printable Decor

For the past two years I’ve hosted a Truth in the Tinsel Swap Party for my Atlanta area friends. It’s kinda like a cookie swap where you bring 4 dozen of one cookie and walk away with 4 dozen different cookies from the other guests. Instead of cookies, we swap craft supplies and when we walk away, we’ve got all the craft supplies laid out for every single day of Truth in the Tinsel!

It is a super fun event because you get together with friends and laugh and eat food. It’s fun afterwards because you’ve got everything you need set up for Advent weeks before it even starts.

Well, I love our Atlanta party but I also wanted to help people host their own parties. Just think, a church who sets it up for all the parents in their children’s ministry. Or a MOPS group who does it for all the mamas in their group. Or a small group who decides to jump into December with both eyes focused on Jesus. Or just a mama who has some like-minded friends who love to do things together.

I want to make it easy and fun for all these groups (and more!) to have a Truth in the Tinsel Swap Party. So, I started brainstorming on how I could do this. Then, I contacted my illustrator friend Jacqueline from Willow of Wonder and asked her if she’d be interested in helping out with this little party project. And oh! Did she deliver!

Together we created (ok, I came up with the idea and she created) some beautiful printables for your very own party. You can print them off at home (or at an Office Max-ish type place) and you have a party waiting to happen!


These printables are beautiful, colorful, whimsical and Christmas-y! You can use them in so many different ways and each one of them have a tiny, meaninful message of God’s big advent-ure showcased on them.


I literally could not love them more. Squee! There’s all kinds of fun food table signs and even cupcake wrappers.




I’m also in love with the Treat Bag Toppers.  I’d use them to put a little gift in for each guest–maybe some glue and ribbon? Or maybe a fun Christmasy chapstick or Starbucks card. If you have any kids at the party, throw some crayons or some candy inside. How cute is that?


There’s also a printable invitation–you can print it in an 8×10 or smaller!


I am in really in love with these Bag Number Signs. When you have a Swap Party, you’ll have tons of craft supplies divided up by day. You can use these signs to keep it all organized.


But what I am most excited about is this gorgeous map print. When Jacqueline and I were talking about the design, she really wanted to do a map. I loved that idea and when I said, “Oh, I really like the kid at the top–looks like the kid on the front of the Truth in the Tinsel book), she said, “Oh, well, I was thinking that was the mom. She’s getting ready to lead her kids through this whole story.”



See how great she is? This is what you’re doing, mamas! (Or pastors, or dads or leaders!) You are helping parents lead their kids through the story of Jesus, the best present of all!

Now, here’s what’s fun about this print. It’s available in the gorgeous color you saw above. It can be printed almost any size. I think it’s perfect for framing, so what a fun gift to give to all your guests! But it’s perfect for centerpieces on your tables or any kind of decor.

It’s also available in black and white and can be printed up to 36×48 inches! This is a giant huge poster, y’all! Staples (and probably other office-y type places) have what’s called Engineer Prints which cost about $7. It prints off this huge poster in just a matter of seconds and you’ve got giant decor waiting for you! Talk about a backdrop for speaking, for a food table or a welcome sign! I am totally in love with it.


OK. Enough talking.

So, to review, here’s what’s included in the Printable Party Decor:

Cupcake Wrappers
Swag Bag Toppers
Welcome Bunting
Food Tents
Black and White Poster (giant!)
Color Print
Number Signs for Swap
Printable Invite

PLUS Social Media Images for email, Facebook groups, Instagram, etc.

But wait! There’s more! We’ve also included organizational helps:

Details and pictures of crafts for guests
Sign Up Sheet Printable
Screencast of how Amanda set up her Swap Party registration online
Top Tips for Planning Your Own Swap Party
Access to Private Facebook Group with other Swap Party Hosts
Invite Letter
Printable Conversation Starters

Buy your Printable Truth in the Tinsel Swap Party Pack for $25 today!

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