Truth in the Tinsel in the church!

You have got to see this! One of the churches that is doing the Truth in the Tinsel curriculum went all out to get their families involved. Look what they did after buying the books with our bulk pricing:

truth in the tinsel church curriculum

source: Calvary Monument Bible Church

They printed the book for every family. Not only that, they got all the craft supplies and put them into individual baggies!

christmas family ministry

source: Calvary Monument Bible Church

Don’t you wish someone would have done that for you?!

Since my first real job was a Children’s Pastor, this gets my little ministry-heart pumping! I love seeing churches who empower their parents with resources and tools to raise their kids for the Lord. Church should be an extension and support for parents, not just another class to drop off their kid.

Thank you, Calvary Monument Bible Church for reaching out and equipping parents to impress God’s Word on their kids’ heart this Christmas!

Wanna do your own version of this at your church? Check out our Swap Party Printables!


  1. That’s awesome!!!!

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