The Countdown Begins!

Truth in the Tinsel 2012 Countdown

The holiday season is sneaking up on us. Only 77 days till Christmas–which means only 53 days until we begin Truth in the Tinsel for 2012!

Traditional advent begins on Sunday, December 2nd. But for ease of use (and to make sure we get all the crafts in), we’ll begin Truth in the Tinsel on Saturday, December 1st!

If you’re new to our super-fun Truth in the Tinsel community, make sure you join our Facebook page to get tips and share your advent experience with other families like yours. And take a look at our Pinterest boards for reviews and fun ideas to use with Truth in the Tinsel!

And of course, grab your own copy of the Truth in the Tinsel ebook if you haven’t already!

Happy Merry almost-Christmas! And to all a good night!