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@oohamanda instagram

@oohamanda instagram

Tonight, as I walked down the stairs from tucking the kids in, it was so lovely seeing our little Truth in the Tinsel tree (a mini white tree I bought 50% off after Christmas a few years ago), the lighted garland on the banister and our big live tree downstairs. It’s magical seeing the twinkling lights and the meaningful ornaments.

I know this feels like a stretch but I really feel like the decorations help me worship and stay focused on Jesus at Christmas. I mean, yeah, the Mickey Mouse ornaments on the tree are for the kids and the stocking holders I found at Pottery Barn for $5 each are there because they are just pretty.

But there’s something about transforming your whole house into something decidedly other. Even for the kids’ birthdays we don’t decorate the way we do at Christmas.  Christmas has this yes, weird and American and commercial thing of Christmas decorations, but somehow, in some way, in my little heart–I feel like it’s part of the big birthday, the big thank-you, the big celebration of Jesus!

My new friend Rachelle from Scripted Simplicity thinks so, too! When her little girl came home to them by adoption, Rachelle wanted a piece of decor in their home that would showcase a Scripture about adoption and God’s great plan for her daughter. She couldn’t find what she wanted so she and her husband created one together.

Now, she makes wedding, Scripture and holiday art. I love all her Christmas pieces because they push me to worship!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.21.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.22.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.22.15 PM

She’s also got a new line of Christmas gift tag ornaments that are just super adorable. (I had to add that Georgia tag in…)

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.22.50 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.23.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.23.13 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.48.21 PM


Rachelle says, “my prayer is that Scripted Simplicity will bring beauty & warmth to your home while reminding you that the plans for your life are scripted by The Giver of all good things whose desires for you are simply that you seek Him with your whole heart. ” Isn’t that what we want for our own kids at Christmas and all year long? I want my kids to seek God with their whole heart and recognize that He is The Giver of all good things–especially the best present of all, Jesus!

scripted simplicity

So, wanna add a beautiful Scripted Simplicity piece to your Christmas celebration this year? Rachelle is also a giver of good things because she is giving away a 16×11 “Wonderful Counselor” piece to one of you!! It is a GORGEOUS piece (I know, because I have one on my mantel right now!) and the perfect addition to our Day 2 Crown ornament, no?

Plus, she has a 20% off gift code for YOU! Head over to her shop and enter code TINSEL20.

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  1. We have several nativity scenes and some of our ornaments are Jesus-centered.

  2. Stephanie C says:

    How beautiful! I never win giveaways, but it’s worth a shot for that beautiful piece. 🙂 I agree, I can’t think of a specific decor that points me to Jesus, but the whole transforming of our home puts me in the spirit. 🙂

  3. JenMarie Taylor says:

    We have a nativity that my mom painted. And a couple of Scripted Simplicity pieces!

  4. We have a few nativity scenes that the kids are allowed to move and position how they want. They explain what each character or animal is doing- I love it!
    My husband and I also made for the front yard a manger filled with hay, and big lighted star, and a lit-up yard sign that reads, “Rejoice”. It makes my heart so much happier than when my husband just hung up lights on the house and bushes. The neighbors and community get to see it when the go down the street to see the house with their light display.

  5. Christy Spurlock says:

    I have several ornaments of Santa taking his hat off bowing bowing down to Baby Jesus in a Manager.

  6. Of course we have a beautiful Heartwood Creek Nativity and Nativity ornaments on our tree as well. <3

  7. Jessica Ham says:

    We have several nativity scenes: some to look at and some to play with. We also have some wall hangings with scripture.

  8. We do have an advent wreath and a nativity scene. This year we haven’t used either and we haven’t decorated. I won’t go into our long story, but I’m grateful that Jesus is here with us in our brokenness. Although our home doesn’t openly display scenes of the season, I’m praying that our lives still shine His light.

  9. We have several nativities and an advent wreath!

  10. Jane Curtis says:

    Yes, I have several – nativity scene, joy display, several Christ-centered ornaments, etc.

  11. We have a wonderful, kid-friendly nativity and some Christ-centered ornaments. I am working towards adding more Christ-centered decor and will have to check out Scripted Simplicity.

  12. I love putting up Christmas decorations. See my home transformed reminds me of the beauty & joy in this season. My favorite childhood memory was always putting up the wooden nativity under the tree.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    We have a nativity scene, and I just ordered with the Black Friday discount the Little People Nativity Scene so that my 16 month and 3 year old can explore it a little more. We have a star on top of our tree to remind us of the star that led the Wise Men to Christ, and of course we’re building a Truth in the Tinsel Tree on a wall (we’re doing the printable ornaments this year, and I’m making a tree shape with command hooks to hang them) in our foyer.

  14. I have several Christmas decorations that remind us of Jesus. I have a 4″ wide by maybe 3″ tall little Mary/Joseph/Jesus nativity sitting on the words “Silent Night.” I bought it for like $5 in a magazine many years ago and it’s one of my favorites. This year at our church Christmas craft day we made a glass ball ornament with a vinyl nativity inserted into it. It’s going to be another favorite!

  15. LOVE these signs! When our daughter was born over 5 years ago we decided to “say NO to ho ho ho” too. We decorate with scripture throughout the year as I love filling our home with those gentle reminders of God’s Word written on our walls and there are so many awesome free printables online now. Christmas and Easter are my absolute favorites though. The kids love helping set up the nativities in each room and making decorations for our Happy Birthday Jesus party. This is our first year with Truth in the Tinsel and our 2 & 5 year old children are LOVING it!! Thanks so much for all you do and the great giveaway 🙂

  16. Pamela Koop says:

    We have a wooden nativity seen that the kids can interact with, some Christ focused ornaments on the tree, and advent related items. This will hanging is beautiful!

  17. My Willow Tree nativity set points me to Jesus at Christmas.

  18. Kora Moore says:

    We have a beautiful wooden toy nativity. We love setting it up with the kids and talking about Christ’s birth.

  19. I love our Nativity, tree ornaments, and advent calendar that all focus on Jesus. Just the act of deciding to delve deeper into celebrating the realness of the season rather than the usual “commercialness” has been so cozy. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pieces of art, I would love to own one of the big signs as it would definitely be a front and center reminder.

  20. Allison M says:

    Love love out nativity sets! It is our focal point.

  21. Allison M says:

    I’v been working on some burlap banners that say, “Immanuel” “God with us” and “Joy to the World, the Lord is come.” But between homeschooling and all of the regular mom jobs, they are taking me forever! So glad you brought this to us!

  22. I have several nativity scenes and several things that simply say Believe- reminds me to Believe in the magic of Christmas, which is that Jesus came to us, the ultimate gift <3

  23. I love the new advent calendar I made to go with our Truth in the Tinsel activities! I also love our advent wreath and the hand carved olive wood nativity scene our parents brought us back from their trip to Israel!

  24. I love our nativity scene! The kids get so excited to take it out each year!

  25. Rebekah Will says:

    Our Nativity scenes and some of the Christmas tree decorations..this year also we are doing the truth in tinsel with a advent countdown and my boys made advent wreaths in Church. 🙂

  26. We are foster parents and each year at Christmas we make handmade ornaments with the handprints of each of our children (our eight y/o biological daughter included) and place them on our tree. This year is the first year in four years that we don’t have any children placed in our home (as of this moment) for Christmas. As someone who has struggled with infertility and failed adoption attempts for years, I can sometimes feel very sad that our “quiver is still not quite full” but…… then I look at all those beautiful handprints on our tree. I am reminded of God’s grace and mercies, his provision. I am reminded of my many blessings and while these precious children have not remained forever in my home, they will always remain forever in our hearts and prayers.

  27. By the way, we started Truth in the Tinsel this year and we are loving every lesson/activity! Thank you very much for all that you do!!

  28. I have a Christmas card holder that has a long complicated backstory but it reminds me of the God’s card for us and His providence, even in the little details.

  29. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I love the many names of Jesus and find comfort in them.

  30. I LOVE having scripture before my family throughout their day…so Christmas is extra special!!

  31. Aubrey Hierholzer says:

    I have multiple nativity scenes that I have out, along with our advent wreath and book displayed.

  32. Missy Wainman says:

    What beautiful art! I keep a nativity out year round – it’s the first thing you see when you walk into my home. I want people to know Who we worship when they walk in!

  33. several nativity scenes and my awesome “for unto us a child is born” sign too!

  34. Brandee Bratcher says:

    Oh, I love these! And I am local. Can’t wait to get one for my home.

  35. We have 2 small children, so we have a child friendly nativity, and we make a birthday cake for Jesus every year too 🙂

  36. most of what we have points to Jesus. We have ornaments, a waiting for a Savior advent calendar, for unto us a child is born sign in the yard, etc. We love having Christ centered Christmas décor!

  37. Michele Pipe says:

    I love everything Rachelle makes!! My nativity sets and the cross and nail on the tree remind me of the reason we celebrate. I would love her piece on my mantel.

  38. I love having “reminders” around the house that lead my mind and heart to worship God at Christmas and all year.

  39. We have multiple nativities and a cross out of nails on our tree and a Star at the top.

  40. I love, love, love our daily advent activities and I have so many Christmas ornaments that just help to remind us of our Lord. A hand painted, simple “Let His Light Shine” Star is one of my favorites!

  41. Love this!

  42. We have several spiritual themed ornaments and things, but my biggest “decor” that points us to Jesus is the Christmas music playing in my house almost non-stop during December.

  43. Christine says:


  44. we have a nativity and several ornaments that point us to Jesus. I try to add some sort of new paper garland or signs every year that help us keep the focus on Him.

  45. We have a few specific ornaments, and 2 nativity sets – one that is kid friendly and they can play with, and one that is display only. We also have some wonderful CDs that help us focus on Jesus.

  46. KImberly McAbee says:

    Would love to see one that say Emmanuel God with us.

  47. Esther Writebol says:

    I love all her art work!!! I never win these things but it is fun to try 😉

  48. My Scentsy warmer has a nativity wrap, and the lights from the warmer shine through like thousands of angels! It makes me just sing, “Glory to God in the highest!” whenever I see it. 🙂

  49. Susan Stitch says:

    We have a nativity scene, but that is about it. I does have a place of honor, but I don’t feel that we have done a good job of really focusing on Christ. Our youngest kids are 15, so they won’t get too into the crafts (boys….), but I want to really ramp up our worship. Even though it’s late, I want to join in!

  50. These are beautiful!! Wish I had this talent!!!

  51. Heather vB says:

    We have a beautiful nativity set!

  52. We have our nativity, a stuffed nativity that the kids can play with, an advent wreath, and of course our truth in the tinsel ornaments that point us to Jesus at Christmas time.

  53. Joanne Mitchell says:


  54. Wow, what a great question to ponder. I have a nativity scene, various advent calendars, and of course the Christmas tree, but realize I am lacking decor that truly points out the reason we Celebrate Christmas! As I buy new Christmas items, I want to be mindful of sharing the message Jesus’ birth, and ultimately the gospel through my decorations. Thanks for this reminder, and who knows, maybe this sign will start my new collection 🙂

  55. I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor honestly. We do have a felt Jesse tree I made on the wall that reminds us of why we are celebrating. Other than that just our tree and stockings.

  56. I have a Mary Jesus and Joesph candle holder statue that just makes me happy when I get it out of the box at the beginning of the season It is just inexpensive glazed clay but it just reminds me of the reason for the season 🙂

  57. I have several ornament that I purchased for this very reason, to remind us of why the tree is up in the first place. I also have stocking holders that spell out JOY, which I love!

  58. Tamara Mays says:

    We have two Nativity’s and several decorative framed printouts

  59. Jodi Kaiser says:

    Hi! We have a playmobil nativity scene that my kids and I use to tell the story of Jesus’ birth. It’s a great way to help bring understanding and context of the greatest story ever told! 🙂

  60. I just love each one!! What a beautiful giveaway!!

  61. Sara Whitelaw says:

    Our nativity is my favorite. We also have the Fisher Price Nativity. I love to see our kids act out the story. And, it warmed my heart to find that our boy had added a little ninja amongst the scene this year!

  62. We have a big banner that says, “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” And we have a big lighted star. We love both. My daughter’s nativity set also plays Away in a Manger.

  63. We have a large (4 ft tall) nativity from Oriental Trading Co in front of our fireplace. It’s Mary, Joseph & Jesus. It’s only made from cardboard but has lasted through 4 yrs. Love it! We also have a cross paper garland hanging in the living room. All of our ornaments are from either Truth in Tinsel or go with our Jesus Storybook Bible advent readings. We put a red bow on the cross that sits on our dining table. We have a magnetic nativity on the inside of the front door for the kids & a Little People nativity under the tree. I like for as much of our celebration to point to Christ as possible.

  64. Christina L. says:

    We have several crosses on our tree, some ornaments with scripture, and a nativity. Would love to add something from Scripted Simplicity to our mantle!

  65. I have followed you on Facebook for a year now and have been able to pass on your ideas on to my daughters in law and other young moms. So thankful for Truth in the Tinsel!

  66. Amy Starkey says:

    The angel atop our tree is my fave.

  67. A Nativity, a happy birthday Jesus plate, several angels, & a large wooden sign with Jesus painted on it.

  68. i have a lot of star ornaments and they always bring to mind the beautiful way God chose to lead people to baby Jesus. Also reminds me he is the light of the world piercing the darkness.

  69. these are all beautiful!

  70. Beautiful!

  71. We have a homemade nativity set (one the kids can play with). We also have a star shaped box under our tree that is always “the first gift under the tree” each year. Inside it is filled with what we want to give to Jesus. Each year we write what we want to offer to Him each Christmas and we keep the notes in there from year to year.

  72. I adore your work!! To answer your question we have several nativity ornaments on the tree. We slowly phased out the Santa ornaments to replace them with more meaningful things when we had kids 🙂

  73. Our main one is a wooden nativity set that my uncle made for my daughter.

  74. We have a few nativity sets.

  75. Hi,
    I love signs. The one I have in my dining room is “Wise men still seek Him!”

    Off to take a look at your work. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I have a new painting of baby jesus in the manger, painted over the music of “away in a manger”.

  77. We have collected quite a few nativity scenes over the years, and they are favorites with the whole family! A friend made an Advent wreath for me about ten years ago, and it is in the center of our dining room table. Lighting a candle each Sunday is an important December tradition around here.

  78. I made our stockings this year out of Jesus fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby, we also have a Jesse Tree and Advent calendar that are both Christ Centered. We’re always looking to add add add more Jesus in our hearts and our home. 🙂

  79. We have a huge banner that says, Happy Birthday Jesus 🙂

  80. We have a few things, our nativity a criss that shares the whole christmas story and our advent calendar. I’m always looking for more though 🙂

  81. I’m searching for a nativity scene to display that will somehow last through my 4 (soon to be 5) little ones….the search is still on. Haha! Our decor for Christmas has taken a drastic change, I pulled out our stuff last week and it was full of Santa…..and not much else. My kids have pushed Santa to the side and even though they’re very young, (7 and under) they really want a Christ-filled Christmas….which I absolutely love. They request to pick angels off the angel tree to help other kids, they help sort their toys for donations, they want their daddy to read the bible daily to them and that right there is where our Christmas decor points us to Jesus; it’s our kids. They are thirsty for it…..and although I look around at our house full of an ignored Santa, the feeling of Jesus filling our house is very real. It starts with our kids…..I hope I find that nativity soon…..I know they would love it!

  82. We have several Nativity sets, and always looking to add more!

  83. We have several nativities including one my grandfather made which is my favorite.

  84. Love this season of decor. I try to find things that have Glad Tidings bc I married into that last name. It’s very special.

  85. Jill Jackson says:

    The Little People Nativity set is my favorite and has been our only nativity set until this year and my hubby bought me the Willow Tree nativity set. 🙂

  86. I have a Fisher Price Nativity that my kids play with. I’m obviously in need of more. 🙂

  87. I have the Fisher price nativity set and we have an advent poster we are doing

  88. We have a canvas with the words O Come Let Us Adore Him on it. I love it!

  89. We have a beautiful painting on the mantle of a line from “O come, O come Immanuel.” and a corn husk nativity set – it’s beautiful 🙂

  90. My grandmother’s Nativity scene is my favorite decoration. It reminds me of Christmas when I was a little girl!

  91. We are all about Nativities here. 🙂 And our Truth in the Tinsel ornaments which we place all around the dining room.

  92. Angela Robbins says:

    We have a number of nativity scenes that I love, including a wooden set from Equador from when I was a kid!

    Also, I unintentionally hit enter while typing my pinterest username, and I am unable to change/fix it! It should say: angelarobbins (so creative, I know) 😉

  93. These are SO gorgeous! We have Little People Nativity set….quite honestly, that’s the only thing I can think of at the moment…. {nope, we haven’t decorated here yet…}

  94. Kimberly Griffith says:

    Love her things. I can’t wait to purchase something for our house.

  95. These pieces are beautiful! I love to put scripture up around our home to be a visual reminder of the reason we celebrate.

  96. Yes, we do have Jesus…3 Nativity sets, we do verses, Candy Cane book, Angels, etc

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