How To Do Truth in the Tinsel Even If You’re Scared of Crafts

  How To Do Truth in the Tinsel Even If You're Scared of Crafts

Do you know how many people I have told about Truth in the Tinsel and they’ve shaken their heads and said, “No way. I’m not making a craft with my kid every day during December. Can’t do it.” (These are my friends, people!)

I really don’t get my feelings hurt. Honest.

I get it. The idea of sitting down with your kids every single day for 24 days in a row DURING the Christmas season AND making a craft AND having a spiritual discussion? It’s downright intimidating!

But guess what?

Truth in the Tinsel isn’t scary. In fact, it’s the opposite. I’ll even suggest that it’s empowering!

This little ebook may look like Just Another Thing to add to your never-ending, never-gets-done Christmas to-do list but it’s not! It’s something that will actually help ground the rest of your must-do’s this season!

Let me give you a few reasons why Truth in the Tinsel is so easy, so fun and so not scary. Ready? Let’s go…

1. Supply Lists

Included in the book are two supply lists. One is divided by day–you can see every single item you’ll need for each day’s craft.  The second list is divided by kind—the supplies you’ll find around your house, in your school supply pouch and even the few items you may need to pick up at a craft store. But I promise, you’ll be able to mark off a ton of the supplies before you even hit the craft store!

2. Hyperlinks

All the Bible verses you need to read each day are hyperlinked to You can read it all off your phone or tablet! (I do think reading it out of your very own paper-and-ink Bible is a good idea, but so not mandatory!)

3. Easy Peasy Tutorials

The ornaments crafts you’ll be making each day only include 3-5 steps. This is because the point of the ornament is not a perfect ornament. The point is time for your kids to meditate and think about the story from God’s Word. So, placing the ribbon at exactly 1/4 inch below the top? NOT EVEN A THING.

 How To Do Truth in the Tinsel Even If You're Scared of Crafts

4. Templates

Some of the crafts include printable templates so all you have to do is print, cut and add the extras!

5. Alternate Schedules

In the back of the book there are 4 different schedules which include anywhere from 6-10 selected days and activities from the ebook. So, if you want to ease into this experience, these shortened schedules make it easy!

6. Printable Clues

My very favorite part of the Truth in the Tinsel ebook is the clues. Each day your kids pick a clue from their advent calendar or from the printable paper chain included in the book. This gets them excited about what they are about to learn and it frees you up from having to come up with 24 gifts to shove into that Advent Calendar!

How To Do Truth in the Tinsel Even If You're Scared of Crafts

My son holding a printable clue while wearing his Spiderman mask. #typical

7. And the very best thing included in the book?

Grace. You don’t have to do the ebook just like everyone else. You don’t have to sit down and have an hour long conversation, perfect craft and happy kids for 24 days! All you have to do is use the ebook to help you lay a foundation of Jesus-is-the-best-thing-we-do-all-December. All you have to do is facilitate fun, time and conversation around the greatest story every told.

If you don’t have all the supplies mentioned in the book–just substitute what you do have. If you don’t do any of the extra “do more together” sections, that’s ok! If you just do one craft a week or simply color the printable ornaments during breakfast, you’ve succeeded. I’ve said it before, there’s no wrong way to do Truth in the Tinsel. It is simply a tool to help you lead your kids to Jesus, help them understand what the gift of His life really means and to lead them in meditating on His Word.

I pray you’ll jump into Truth in the Tinsel with both feet and do your very best to lead your kids in the way the book is laid out (because I think it’s really good and thorough) but the thing I want even more is for you to make Jesus great and famous this Christmas season! Let your kids know He really is the best present of all!

Buy your own copy of Truth in the Tinsel now! See a Sample Page and our FAQ here!

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  1. I know I was scared a little bit at first but I have a very crafty daughter. This will really help us this coming Christmas season focus on the story of Christ! so excited!!!

    • Why does this have to be the ONLY relbaile source? Oh well, gj!

    • I’ll have to remember the “turn off the TV” bit. My daughter goes crazy for her Baby Einstein DVDs, but she’s only 14 months old right now so I don’t think that would work. Maybe I’ll threaten to turn on C-SPAN or something. As it is, any time we discipline her with even a gentle “No, don’t do that” she bursts out into tears and I have to distract her with something else. So it’s a two-step process.

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