Fun (& Profitable) Ideas for Sharing Truth in the Tinsel

Watch this quick screencast to see me walk you through these tips!


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Click these to quickly schedule tweets for the rest of the season. I’ve included a link to the ebook but if you are an affiliate, add your affiliate link to earn some cash.


1. Write a post about a past Christmas that wasn’t very Jesus-centered and then explain how you want to recapture and reclaim this holiday for focus on Him.

2. Write a post about your favorite ornaments on your tree. Use it to segue into the fun ornaments you’ll be making with your kids and Truth in the Tinsel.

3. Do a craft-y, DIY post about how you are preparing for Truth in the Tinsel. (Like these bags or jars! )

4.  Create and offer a supplement to Truth in the Tinsel (like all these fabu ideas!)

5. Write about a favorite Christmas memory or fun conversation you’ve had with your kids about Christmas.

6. Share you favorite Christmas craft/snack/decoration/etc. and incorporate your Truth in the Tinsel plans for this year.


1. Make a PAGE (not a post) with all your Christmas blog posts (including your Truth in the Tinsel posts). Make sure it has a great pinnable graphic and a share it everywhere all season long!

2. Use the affiliate graphics as headers and footers on all your Christmas themed posts.

3. Use HelloBar to grab your Google traffic from non-Christmas posts.

4. Send out a special Christmas themed newsletter and highlight your favorite Christmas resources–including Truth in the Tinsel! (I use and love MadMimi!)

5. Put a small Truth in the Tinsel graphic in your email signature. (I use wise stamp!)

6. Start pinning Christmas stuff to a Truth in the Tinsel/Christmas board.

7. Interact on the Truth in the Tinsel Facebook page with your blog page NOT your personal page, so people can interact with you!

And Pretty Please Just For Me…

Use the hashtag #truthinthetinsel and tag me @oohamanda in your posts and updates so I can share and be encouraged by them, too!

If you’d like to do an interview, podcast, giveaway or coupon code, please let me know! I’d love to help in any way I can! THANK YOU for loving and sharing about Truth in the Tinsel!