1. I’m an ebook newbie. How do I download it?

  • After clicking on an ADD TO CART button, you will be given basic windows and prompts to complete your purchase via PayPal.
  • Once you’ve paid you will see a button that says COMPLETE PURCHASE.
  • After you’ve clicked it, a new window will open that says, “You made a payment! Click here if you are not redirected within 10 seconds.”
  • Once being redirected you will see this screen with the download link:

  • This is where you download the ebook! Click the download link and it will automatically download for you.
  • You will then receive 3 emails: one from Paypal as a receipt for your purchase, one from “ohAmanda.com” with the download link and a 3rd email from “ohAmanda.com” with order details that also includes a download link. If you don’t get these emails, please look through your spam folder and/or double-check that you are using the same email you used with Paypal.
  • If you pay with an eCheck via Paypal, you will not be sent your download link until the check clears.
  • NOTE: Some browsers will open a PDF in a browser instead of saving it. If you are reading the ebook in a browser, please make sure the ebook is SAVED and you can read it in Preview or Adobe Reader before you close it instead of clicking your download link every time you read the ebook.

2. What is the target age for the book?
I wrote the book when my kids were 3 and 5. But I began doing these type of advent activities when my daughter was only 1. And on the other hand, I think if your kids like to do crafts, they’ll enjoy the book no matter how old they are!

3. How do I view it and save it on my iPad?
The iPad usually opens it in a browser. Tap the front page (or pull down) to see a bar that says, “Open in iBooks”. From there you will be able to save as a .pdf in iBooks. If you are using an alternate browser on your iPad, you may need to download the book on your computer and then sync it via iTunes.

4. How do I view it and save it on my Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Phone, etc.?
Truth in the Tinsel is a PDF. Any device that can open a PDF can read the book. If you have problems downloading, google your device and PDF (ie. “how to open a PDF on my kindle fire”)

5. Will it print the green background?
It is designed to print without the background. However, if your printer/computer doesn’t have print options, it may print the green background. Please look through your print options and deselect PRINT BACKGROUND. (see my printed page, the ink is not that heavy!) Or simply print at 80% size in black and white to save ink!

6. Can I give the book as a gift?
Yes! Simply add a GIFT CARD to your cart from our Buy The Book page. Once you’ve paid, you will receive an email with a unique coupon code. Give this coupon code to your friend, direct them to http://truthinthetinsel.com/buy-the-book and they will be able to download their free copy with their coupon code!


7. Can I share my ebook?
If you email, print or give the book to someone else while maintaining a copy for yourself, it would be the same as if you photocopied a book from your bookshelf and gave it away. Please refer to the copyright information at the beginning of the ebook.

8. Can I print multiple copies of the printable ornaments?

The printable ornaments are original art created for Truth in the Tinsel. You can print multiple copies for your personal home use. If you would like to print multiple copies for your church, school, small group or friends, you can purchase bulk copies at a discounted price. Please see our bulk orders page.

9. How do I download it on multiple devices (phone, computer, tablet)?
You have up to 9 download opportunities via e-junkie. Use these to download to all your devices. Refer to your confirmation emails from “ohAmanda.com” to find your download link.

10. Do I have to own a Kindle, Nook or iPad to read the book?
No, the book is a PDF. You can read it directly on your computer, your phone or any device that can open a PDF.

11. I’m having trouble downloading the ebook and/or the printable ornaments. Can you help?
Problems downloading usually have to do with your reader (Adobe Reader or Preview, etc.) or your browser (Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.). Saving your ebook to your computer and using Adobe Reader to view or print it is highly recommended.

12. My kids are too little/ this looks too hard/ I just didn’t know what I was getting into–will you give me a refund?

We will do a refund but before you buy, please make sure you check out our Sample Page to see a full day’s devotion and tutorial from the book, our Top Ten Tips post which includes a video of me walking you through the ebook.

13. My computer crashed/my iPad broke/my email was hacked and I lost my Truth in the Tinsel ebook and/or download link. Can you send me another one?

Most bookstores wouldn’t give you a new book if you lost one but we will do our best to accommodate you based on our time and ability to find a record of your purchase. Please email us with any purchase details you can provide.

14. My paper chain and printable clues are printing in a weird color!

Try opening the file in Adobe Reader. It seems to print best from there!

15. We’re doing a Swap Party but my friend has a different version of the ebook. Some of the crafts are different! 

Because of supply availablities and changes in our culture, I updated the ebook on it’s 5th birthday. You can see the 2 differences here.

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