Bulk Pricing

There are so many creative ways to use Truth in the Tinsel. Churches, MOPS groups, Bible clubs and other small groups are buying multiple copies of the ebook to give to their families.

You can purchase the ebook and/or the printable ornaments in bulk to save money!

Since these books are a digital product, you can purchase rights to print OR deliver a certain amount of copies.

Bulk pricing for Truth in the Tinsel ebook:

$6.99 each for 10-50 copies
$5.99 each for 51-100 copies
$4.99 each for 101-200 copies
$3.99 each for 200+ copies

Bulk pricing for Truth in the Tinsel Printable Ornaments:

$3.50 each for 10-50 copies
$3.00 each for 51-100 copies
$2.50 each for 101+ copies

Simply click ADD TO CART below, enter the QUANTITY desired, press UPDATE CART and the DISCOUNT will be applied.

After your purchase is complete you will be REDIRECTED to a page with the download link. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE BOOK THERE.

You should also receive an EMAIL with a download link.

Then you can either PRINT or DELIVER the ebooks up to the amount you purchased. If you would like your families to be able to download to their computer/devices directly from our site, we can create a unique code for your organization. Please contact us via email to set up your codes: amanda at ohamanda dot com.

Truth in the Tinsel ebook:
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Truth in the Tinsel Printable Ornaments:
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