Join our Affiliate Program!

I love being a part of affiliate programs because I love telling people about the stuff I love. (That’s alotta love!) If you have a blog, a facebook page, are on twitter or even email on a regular basis AND think you’re gonna like Truth in the Tinsel, I suggest you become an affiliate.

Every time you talk about Truth in the Tinsel online (using your affiliate link), you will make 30% of the sale on any referral!

It’s super easy to sign up:

1. Go to e-junkie via our affiliate link.

2. Register.


4. Select Merchant {}


6. You’ll see some HTML that looks something like this…

<a href=”” target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit</a>

The link in the middle (that I’ve highlighted in red), will be your affiliate link.

7. Copy that and use it when linking to Truth in the Tinsel or to any image/button.

For some more detailed tutorials about how to use affiliate links see Amy Andrew’s video tutorial and my tutorial for newbies at ohAmanda. Also, check out my Fun (& Profitable) Ways to Share Truth in the Tinsel!

Where to use your affiliate link:

-Write a review of Truth in the Tinsel on your blog. Every time you mention the book, link to it with your affiliate code!

-If you mention you’re making one of the crafts on twitter, use your affiliate link.

-Post a picture on your Facebook page of your kids doing their advent activities and use your affiliate link in the status!

-Put a button with the affiliate link in your sidebar.

Basically, for the next 24 days, any time you mention your advent experience with your kids, put your affiliate link in there! Don’t be spammy, but if you’re gonna talk about it anyway, you might as well make a few dollars, right? And please make sure to disclose that it’s an affiliate link!


I’ll send payments each month. (You can link your Paypal account to e-junkie. Easy Peasy.)

If you have any questions, please contact us at amanda at

If you’d like to use an image to promote the book, here’s some images and buttons you can use.


paperbackfront copy

book cover


tinsel graphic 300×250

affiliate program

125×125 button


125×125 button

affiliate button

125×125 button

250×250 button

300 x 250 truth in the tinsel banner

300×250 banner

Truth in the Tinsel affiliate banner 468x60

468×70 banner

Truth in the Tinsel leaderboard 728x90

640×79 banner

Truth in the Tinsel Ornaments 250

250×250 for Printable Ornaments




Curriculum Cover


Printable Ornaments Cover



Printable Christmas Tree Poster (Traditional)



Printable Christmas Tree Poster (Whimsical)