10 Simple Ways to Have Fun with Your Printable Ornaments

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Each day of Truth in the Tinsel, you are making a ornament craft with your child. That’s 24 ornaments! One ornament every day. And I know (I KNOW!) how hard that is to get together.

That’s why we created the Printable Ornaments. For those days you just can’t get all the craft supplies out, or maybe you don’t have all the supplies on hand, or you’re traveling or you got home at 20 minutes before bedtime. Or you are just too tired!

With the printable ornaments you can still read the devotion from Truth in the Tinsel and then color that day’s ornament and call it a day!

But just because it’s a coloring sheet doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and creative! So, here’s my Top Ten Favorite (EASY) Ways To Add a Little Ooomph to Your Printable Ornaments!

1. Watercolors

watercolors printable ornament list

Yeah, I know. Paint! But honestly, watercolors aren’t very messy! They clean up well and if you get out of the lines it looks artistic and classy!

2. Colored Pencils

colored pencil printable ornament list

I love to do hashmarks with colored pencils. You just draw lines in one direction, then switch and do the other direction. It’s easy for kids who can’t color big areas and it looks really cool, too!

3. Fingerprints

fingerprint printable ornament list

My kids love making fingerprints! You can use an ink pad or even just color your finger with a marker. And how fun to see fingerprints from years past? *sniff*

4. Scrapbook

Look at this fabulous idea from Vintage Gwen!

5. Glitter Glue

glitter glue printable ornament list

OK. I know. This sounds horrible. But y’all, glitter glue is like magic! You squeeze the tube, it comes out quickly and you’ve got 3D sparkly paint! The kid love it and it’s super easy to use.

6. Stickers

stickers printable ornament list

I collect stickers. I’ve still got stickers from when I was in elementary school. (It might be a sickness.) My kids love sorting through them and they are perfect for decorating anything!

7. Construction Paper

construction paper printable ornament list

So, this is more about displaying than coloring, but just cut out a little circle and glue your ornament to it. Doesn’t it look lovely? Makes a marker-ed coloring sheet look like something a little fancy!

8. Scented Paint

scented paint printable ornaments list

Yes, scented paint. Just add a drop or two of peppermint, vanilla or your favorite extract to a small bottle of paint (or add dry kool-aid if you want something fruity) and your kids can paint a super scent-sational ornament! (This would be perfect for day 23!)

9. Laminate

Why didn’t I think of this before?! Laminate your ornaments! And even better, put them on a clip like Mama Jenn did. I love this.

10. And my very favorite idea–the one that inspired this whole list: SHRINKY DINKS!

shrinky dink printable ornament list

Did you know you can buy shrinky dink paper for your printer? Just print off the ornaments on the special paper, color with crayons or markers, cut, punch a hole in top and bake. VOILA!

How fun is that?! Of course, the whole point of the Printable Ornaments is to make it easy for you. They are just a supplement to the Truth in the Tinsel ebook–but, if you’ve done Truth in the Tinsel before and want to change things up or don’t have all the supplies for the ornaments included in the ebook, these ideas are fun!

Want to purchase your own Printable Ornaments? They are only $4.99!

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Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. Amanda, We used the printable ornaments last year and loved embellishing them. I wanted to print them out onto cardstock but only had green and red at the time so I printed them on white paper and glued them onto the red and green cardstock for stability. We also added fun things like rice, tinsel, googley eyes, tissue paper, glitter glue, and much more. You can check out one of the posts that I did last year that shows examples from the first week. http://reachforthestarberries.com/2012/12/07/truth-in-the-tinsel-advent-calendar-and-ornament-update-1/ My girls loved them and so did I! I made set too because it was soo much fun! Thanks for making them for us!

  2. I love how classic and simple they are….This is an easy and fun way to make memories with my kids this Christmas season.Thank you so much for sharing this post and for the inspiration!

  3. I think we will be doing printable ornaments this year (our 4th year of Truth in the Tinsel!) I wasn’t sure how to make it work since my kiddo started kindergarten and the amount of homework is straight up ridiculous. But this way we could still do it!

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